Birth can get messy, but we have ways of handling that. We use chux pads, towels, and a cover for your mattress. We recommend an old set of sheets and towels that you don't mind getting messy. After the birth, we do all the clean up for you. We change your sheets, start the laundry, take out the garbage, as well as empty and take away the birth tub. We joke that your house is sometimes cleaner after we leave than when we arrive. We do the extra work after the birth so you and your family and relax and welcome the new baby. 

How messy is a home birth?

We sure do. Many of our families utilize water in one way or another during their births. This may be as simple as showering during labor. Sometimes folks will use their own large bath tub in their bathrooms. Others will use a blow up birth tub with a liner filled by hose. Some only use the tub for relaxation and pain relief during labor. Others will actually give birth in the tub. The choice is entirely yours. Your birth pool and liner are included in the cost of your home birth. 

Do you offer water birth?

Emergencies that require immediate medical attention at a homebirth are uncommon, but do happen. Proper screening, risk assessment during pregnancy and birth, appropriate monitoring, and close personal care reduce the risk of encountering an emergency at home. Licensed Midwives can carry medications and equipment to help stabilize parent and/or baby while waiting for more advanced medical care or while in transit to a medical facility. We are trained in CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation.
While some emergencies require a call to 911 for medical transport, MOST hospital transports from homebirths involve a non-emergent need such as exhaustion during labor and the need for medications to relieve pain in order to get adequate rest, need for medications to augment a slow labor after trying everything we're comfortable trying at home, or early indications that client or baby could need more advanced care during labor and/or birth.
In the case of an emergency or non-emergency transfer to the hospital I will remain with you and/or your baby as long as necessary to provide support and help you navigate the situation if allowed.

What happens in an emergency?

Studies consistently show that planned homebirth with a skilled midwife is safe for low-risk clients. Up until recently the only studies available were studies using birth certificate data which included many births that were not planned to be at home or for which the family did not have adequate prenatal care. The Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) has been collecting high-quality data on planned homebirth as part of the MANA stats project. Studies using this data are demonstrating that planned homebirth is a safe option with a trained and qualified midwife. 

I'm interested in homebirth, but just how safe is it?

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