I am very excited to be launching my own private midwife practice to serve Spokane and outlining areas. I have been a midwife here in Spokane for many years with different practices and in different capacities, birth center, small practice and locum work. 

I am dedicated to a midwifery education and practice that both seeks to understand each individual as unique and to respectfully and holistically support these clients with the care they desire. Our role, as midwives, lies in helping clients navigate choices about their own health through a respectful and inclusive collaboration and ultimately supporting them at every decision within the scope of our practice. 

I have chosen the name for my practice, Full Circle Midwifery, based off the desire to give individual-centered care by providing local referrals and resources from the community to create a “Circle Of Care” for each family that goes beyond their pregnancy and birth to support their unique needs. Resources will include services from myself and other local referrals within the community such as childbirth/breastfeeding classes, prenatal massage, acupuncture, life coaching, nutrition, women’s health and much more. I am currently finishing up the one year program towards a License in Massage Therapy which I hope will become an added skill to enhance my midwifery services. 

I have been married for 24 years to my high school sweetheart. We have traveled and lived in many different areas of the country from the east coast, the big Island of Hawaii and Alaska. We love to sail, camp, hike, x-country ski, as well as stay in for pizza nights, football games and movies with the family.

My family and I love Spokane and the Inland Northwest. My first daughter was born at sacred heart with a CNM. My second child was a water birth at a local birth center, and I had a wonderful home birth for my third. Those three experiences are what paved my path and love of midwifery because of the amazing and quality care I received during my pregnancies and birth.

I started out as a doula for Catholic Charities with their Teen Mom program. This then led me to teaching childbirth classes in Spokane for many years. I now have been practicing since 2016 and plan to continue to support the community which I love. 

Dawn M Brown, LM, CPM, BS, 
Midwife and Founder of Full Circle Midwifery Spokane 

Well Hello There! Welcome 

North American Registry of Midwives - 2016 - current
North American Midwifery Bridge Certificate - 2020
State Of Washington Midwifery License 2018 - current
State of Idaho Midwifery License 2021 - current
Cultural Competency and Respect in the Provision of Maternity Care - 2015 
Certified Lactation Educator - 2011 - current 
Advanced Practice Midwifery Certificate - 2016
Lamaze International Childbirth Educator 2011 - Current International Doula Association, Labor and Birth Doula - 2010

Washington Alliance for Responsible Midwifery WARM 2018 - current 

Certificates and Licenses:



Certified Professional Midwife 2016, Licensed Midwife 2018 Bachelors from 
Eastern Washington in Speech and Hearing Therapist : 2000 - 2010 
Medical Assistant/ Phlebotomy 2015 - 2018

My interest in women’s health was sparked by my own pregnancy, childbearing and childrearing experiences. As a mother to four, each birth has only increased my passion for serving women. While pregnant with my first child I began my journey to become a lactation consultant. After the birth of my second I took a nursing job on a Mother Baby unit. I would later be trained in Labor and Delivery as well. Then I answered the call to return to school for midwifery after having my third baby. All three of those babies were born in hospitals with nurse-midwives in attendance. There were fewer interventions with every subsequent delivery but I still left the third delivery feeling like there were too many other people involved in the birth (and more specifically, in postpartum). With my fourth baby, I delivered at a local birthing center with so much autonomy and independence that my husband was shocked at the difference in experience. 

Having worked in hospitals my entire nursing career, and then receiving hospital based midwifery training, I am often asked how I ended up practicing out of a hospital. It wasn’t my initial expectation or intention. I thought Nurse Midwives worked in hospitals. However, as a nurse I had struggled for years with how difficult it seemed for physiologic birth to be honored in a hospital. During my midwifery clinicals I grew increasingly uneasy with the automatic routines/procedures, and lack of authentic consent. Even though I deeply value and respect the work midwives are doing in hospitals, I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied continuing in that setting. After beginning out of hospital work I began to understand that it wasn’t just the births that were altered in hospitals, but the postpartum experience as well. What could be a beautiful time of recovery is often chaotic, overcrowded, and disturbed. I knew there had to be a better way. 

I am beyond excited to be serving families alongside Dawn at Full Circle Midwifery. I share her desire to create a Full Circle of Care that extensively meets the needs of each of our families. I aim to develop genuine relationships with each of my clients, creating a trust that empowers their ability to labor and recover smoothly. As mentioned previously, improving the postpartum experience has become of strong interest to me. Not only do I have the lactation training to support you, but in 2024 I am scheduled to take a corrective exercise course to diagnose and treat pelvic floor concerns. I will also attend an ultrasound training course. I am constantly building my referral network, but also desire to provide the most complete care I am capable of within my scope. 

Circling back to my personal life, I have been married for almost 10 years. My husband fancies himself an amateur chef and he jumps at any opportunity to use his smoker. Fortunately, I enjoy tasting all of his creations! Along with our 4 kids, we enjoy spending time outside and playing family games. I’ve been known to be a “little” competitive, and my oldest child has definitely inherited that quality. Even though I am called to midwifery, my first calling is as a wife and mother, so you may see my children around the practice from time to time :)

Monica Kniveton - ARNP, CNM, IBCLC

I’m so glad you’re here!

State of Washington Advanced Practice Nursing License 2022 - current 
Spinning Babies Workshop 2021
Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) 2019 - current 
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) 2021 - current
Certified Lactation Specialist 2016 - 2021
Registered Nurse License 2014 - current 

American College of Nurse-Midwives 2022 - current
National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health 2022 - current

Certificates and Licenses:



Certified Nurse Midwife 2022 - current 
Lactation Specialist Nurse 2019 - 2020
Registered Nurse 2014 - 2022

My name is Kat. I live in the Spokane area with my amazing husband and 3 children. We have two dogs- a golden retriever and a yorkie. I enjoy spending time with friends, my Bible study group, working out, and really anything adventurous, especially if it involves travel! Also, I take any excuse to dress up and l love capturing the moment by taking photos. My poor family gets sucked into this frequently, but they are just too cute not to!

When I was a child, my Grandmother always told me that I should be a nurse. Caring for others is truly where both my talents and passion align.
The birth of my second daughter was a life-changing experience. After our home-birth, and the amazing and genuine care of my birthing team, I had never felt so capable and empowered in my life.

With my love and care for others combined with and my unforgettable experience, my path became very clear, I was to become a midwife. 
My dream is to serve women and local families in our community and hopefully, one day, the world through missions trips. I am inspired by midwives and our relentlessness to change birth outcomes for the better!

Kat Spies - Student Midwife


Hi! I’m Andrea, I’m a birth doula, educator and breastfeeding specialist and have spent the last decade supporting families in the Inland Northwest. I’m passionate about helping families redefine how they think about labor, birth and the postpartum period. I’m a student at MCU, with additional certifications in Birth Education, Infant feeding, Neonatal Resuscitation, Breech and Twins, and Perinatal Mental Health. When I’m not teaching or working with families, I’m home chasing my own seven kids, Great Dane, or wrangling chickens.

Andrea - Student Midwife


Therapeutic massage with a special focus on pre-natal and postpartum massage. Receive a massages for relaxation, pain relief, and overall well-being in a peaceful environment to ensure a soothing experience for both mother and baby. 

Massage Therapy with Midwife Dawn



" Dawn, Thank you for everything. You truly are a special part of my son's story and I look forward to my next pregnancy and birth because of you and the role you played in my story. You's a gem." 


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